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4.2 10BASE2 Components

Interface and MAU

In the thin Ethernet system the MAU is built into the Ethernet interface, and therefore an external AUI cable is not required. The thin coax is flexible enough to be connected directly to the female BNC connector on the interface. To make an attachment to a thin Ethernet segment, the female BNC connector is attached to one end of a BNC Tee connector, so called because it is shaped like the letter "T." The other two ends of the BNC Tee make a physical and electrical connection to the thin Ethernet segment.

To help make the individual pieces clearer, the BNC connectors in Figure 4.1 are shown unattached to one another. The thin Ethernet segment in the figure is drawn as terminating at this computer to show you how a thin Ethernet terminator is connected.

Quick Reference Guide to 10BASE2 Thin Ethernet - 04 SEP 95
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