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4.2 10BASE2 Components

Terminators and grounding

Each end of a complete thin Ethernet segment must be equipped with a 50 ohm terminating resistance. Multiport repeaters used for linking thin Ethernet segments often have internal 50 ohm termination provided on each port, which eases the task of terminating the end of the thin coax segment attached to the repeater. Some thin Ethernet repeaters have switchable termination that you can enable or disable, depending on your requirements. It is essential that exactly two 50 ohm terminators be installed or enabled on a given segment, or the collision detection mechanism in the MAUs attached to the segment will not function correctly.

The standard notes that you may provide a thin coaxial segment with a grounding point for electrical safety. To avoid disrupting the Ethernet signals carried by the cable, there must only be one grounding point. All other metal parts on the cable should be insulated or carefully routed and fastened in place with plastic cable ties to avoid accidentally touching an electrical ground.

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