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Quick Reference Guide to 10-Mbps Multi-Segment Configuration

7.1 10-Mbps Multi-Segment Configuration Guidelines

This chapter describes the rules for combining multiple segments to build larger 10-Mbps Ethernets. The IEEE 802.3 standard provides two models for verifying the configuration of multi-segment 10-Mbps baseband Ethernets. Transmission System Model 1 provides a set of "canned" configuration rules. If your network system meets these rules, then it will function correctly in terms of the essential round trip signal timing. Transmission System Model 2 provides a set of calculation aids to make it possible for you to evaluate more complex network topologies that aren't covered under the set of canned configuration rules.

We begin by looking at the scope of the configuration guidelines, to help make it clear that the guidelines apply to a single LAN. To do that, we first need to describe the function of a collision domain. Following that, we describe the Model 1 and Model 2 rules.

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