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7.7 A Complex Model 2 Configuration Example

AUI Delay Value

The segment delay values provided in the table include allowances for an AUI cable of up to two meters length at each end of the segment (except for 10BASE-FB segments which connect directly to special repeater hubs and do not use AUI cables.) This takes care of any timing delays that may occur for AUI wires inside the ports of a repeater, for example.

On the other hand, media systems with external MAUs connected with AUI cables typically have AUI cables longer than two meters. To account for the timing delay in these AUI cables, you can find out how long the AUI cables are, and use that length times the round trip delay per meter to develop an extra AUI cable delay time which is then added to the total path delay calculation. If you're not sure how long the AUI cables in your network are you can use the maximum delay shown for an AUI cable, which is 4.88 for all segment locations, left end, middle, or right end.

Quick Reference Guide to 10-Mbps Multi-Segment Configuration - 09 SEP 95
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