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Quick Reference Guide to 10-Mbps Multi-Segment Configuration

7.6 A Simple Model 2 Configuration Example

Let's look at how all this works with a simple example first. The figure shows a network with three 10BASE-FL segments connected to a fiber optic multiport repeater. Two of the segments are 2 km (2000 m) in length, and one is 1.5 km in length.

FIGURE 7.6 Simple configuration network

Even though this is a simple network, it is a configuration that is not described in the Model 1 canned configuration rules. Therefore, the only way to verify its operation is to perform the Model 2 calculations. By looking at the drawing, we see that the worst-case delay path is between DTE1 and DTE2, since this is the path with the longest distance between two DTEs. Next, let's evaluate this worst-case path for total round trip delay and interframe gap shrinkage.

- Round Trip Delay
- Interframe Gap Shrinkage

Quick Reference Guide to 10-Mbps Multi-Segment Configuration - 09 SEP 95
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