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Quick Reference Guide to 10BASE-FL Fiber Optic Ethernet

6.2 Old and New Fiber Link Segments

The most commonly used fiber optic medium type is the link segment. There are two fiber optic link segments in use, the original Fiber Optic Inter-Repeater Link (FOIRL) segment, and the newer 10BASE-FL segment.

The original FOIRL specification from the Ethernet standard of the early 1980s provided a link segment of up to 1000 meters between two repeaters only. As the cost of repeaters dropped and more and more multiport repeater hubs were used, it became cost-effective to link individual computers to a fiber optic port on a repeater hub. Vendors created outboard FOIRL MAUs to allow this, although a repeater-to-DTE fiber connection was not specifically described in the FOIRL standard.

To deal with this and other aspects of fiber optic Ethernet, a set of fiber optic media standards, called 10BASE-F, was developed. This set of fiber standards includes revised specifications for a fiber optic link segment that allow direct attachments to computers. The full set of 10BASE-F specifications includes three segment types:

Quick Reference Guide to 10BASE-FL Fiber Optic Ethernet - 04 SEP 95
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