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4.3 10BASE2 Configuration Guidelines

Thin Coaxial Segment Length

Since thin coaxial cable has higher resistance than thick coax, the limit of 185 meters of cable helps ensure that losses are held to acceptable limits. The standard also recommends using high quality BNC connectors with low resistance gold plated center conductors. The limit on the number of connections and the recommendation of low resistance connectors is intended to help reduce the DC (direct current) resistance caused by the coaxial connectors used in a thin Ethernet system. This, in turn, helps ensure that the total DC resistance of the segment is kept low enough so that the essential collision detect mechanism continues to work properly.

There are no special MAU spacing rules in the thin Ethernet media system. However, the specifications state that the pieces of coaxial cable used to build a thin Ethernet segment may be no shorter than 0.5 meters (1.64 feet) in length. This effectively sets the minimum spacing between MAU connections to 0.5 meters.

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