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Quick Reference Guide to 10BASE2 Thin Ethernet

4.1 10-Mbps Thin Coaxial Media System

The thin coaxial Ethernet system uses a much more flexible cable that makes it possible to connect the coaxial cable directly to the Ethernet interface in the computer. This results in a lower-cost and easier to use system that was popular for desktop connections until the twisted-pair media system was developed.

FIGURE 4.1 Connecting a computer to thin Ethernet

In the thin coaxial system the AUI, MAU, and MDI are part of the network interface in the computer. This reduces the number of outboard components you need to purchase and install to connect a computer to the medium, thereby lowering the cost of an attachment to the network.

The flexibility and low cost of the thin coaxial system continues to make it popular for networking clusters of workstations in an open lab setting, for example. However, like the thick coaxial system, thin coax is limited to carrying 10-Mbps signals only.

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