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Quick Reference Guide to 10BASE5 Thick Ethernet

3.1 10-Mbps Thick Coaxial Media System

The thick coaxial media system was the first media system specified in the original Ethernet standard of 1980. Today most sites use twisted-pair media for connections to the desktop.

FIGURE 3.1 Connecting a computer to thick Ethernet

Thick coaxial segments are still sometimes installed as a backbone segment for interconnecting Ethernet hubs, since thick coaxial media provides a low-cost cable with good electrical shielding that can carry signals relatively long distances between hubs.

On the other hand, thick coaxial cable is limited to carrying 10-Mbps signals only, which means you must replace the cable if you wish to link hubs together at higher speeds. High quality twisted-pair cable or fiber optic cable can carry either 10-Mbps or 100-Mbps signals, therefore many sites prefer to use these cables as a way of linking hubs together.

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