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Quick Reference Guide to 100-Mbps Media Systems

9.4 Putting it All Together

And there we have it: for a typical station connection the DTE (computer) contains an Ethernet interface which forms up and sends Ethernet frames that carry data between computers attached to the network. The Ethernet interface is attached to the media system using a set of equipment that might include an outboard MII cable and PHY (transceiver) with its associated MDI (twisted-pair RJ45-style jack or fiber optic connector). The interface or repeater port might also be designed to include the PHY electronics internally, in which case all you will see is the MDI for whatever physical medium the interface or port was designed to support. Each media type in the Fast Ethernet system has a PHY and MDI specifically designed and wired for use on that kind of segment.

Quick Reference Guide to 100-Mbps Media Systems - 09 SEP 95
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