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Quick Reference Guide to 100-Mbps Multi-Segment Configuration

14.1 100-Mbps Multi-Segment Configuration Guidelines

This chapter describes the rules for combining multiple segments to build larger 100-Mbps Ethernets. The IEEE 802.3 standard provides two models for verifying the configuration of multi-segment 100-Mbps baseband Ethernets. The first configuration model is called Transmission System Model 1, and consists of a set of simplified configuration guidelines that can be applied to 100-Mbps Ethernet systems. The second model, Transmission System Model 2, provides a set of calculations that you can use to verify more complex 100-Mbps Ethernet topologies.

We begin by looking at the scope of the configuration guidelines, to help make it clear that the guidelines apply to a single LAN. To do that, we describe the function of a collision domain. Following that, we describe the Model 1 and Model 2 rules.

Quick Reference Guide to 100-Mbps Multi-Segment Configuration - 09 SEP 95
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