Back cover copy for Ethernet: The Definitive Guide, 2nd Edition

“Get up to speed on the latest Ethernet capabilities for building and maintaining networks for everything from homes and offices to data centers and server machine rooms. This thoroughly revised, comprehensive guide covers a wide range of Ethernet technologies, from basic operation to network management, based on the authors’ many years of field experience.

When should you upgrade to higher speed Ethernet? How do you use switches to build larger networks? How do you troubleshoot the system? This book provides the answers. If you’re looking to build a scalable network with Ethernet to satisfy greater bandwidth and market requirements, this book is indeed the definitive guide.

– Examine today’s widely used 10, 40, and 100 gigabit Ethernet media systems
– Learn about Ethernet’s four basic elements and the IEEE standards
– Explore full-duplex Ethernet, Power over Ethernet, and Energy Efficient Ethernet
– Understand structured cabling systems and the components you need to build your Ethernet system
– Use Ethernet switches to expand and improve network design
– Delve into Ethernet performance, from specific channels to the entire network
– Get troubleshooting techniques for problems common to twisted-pair and fiber optic systems

“Heck, I designed some of the technologies described in this book, but I still keep a copy of The Definitive Guide nearby for reference!”
–Rich Seifert, long-time Ethernet developer and author of The Switch Book (Wiley) and Gigabit Ethernet (Addison-Wesley).

Charles Spurgeon, a senior technology architect at the University of Texas at Austin, works on the network system serving over 70,000 users in 200 buildings on two campuses. He worked with a group that built prototype Ethernet routers that became the founding technology for Cisco Systems.

Joann Zimmerman, a former software engineer with an art history doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin, has written and documented compilers, software tools, and network monitoring software. She created the build and configuration management process for several companies.